Mayo schedules appointments as you are here so it has been back to back appointments moving from floor to floor of the building.  I had my consultation with my GI doctor and Internist.  Both were great doctors and very nice.  I already did and turned in ALL my bloodwork (15 tubes later).  The bloodwork is testing EVERYTHING under the sun and more.  They are doing more tests for the kidneys as well.  Now, I am waiting for my Cardiology Electrocadiogram and THEN at 1:15 I have a Pulmonary Procedure test (Hun, be happy bc he may be able to fix my snoring :-)).  It is the little monitor I have to wear on my finger through the night to test my oxygen levels.  Once I finish the last test, I get a new intinerary and possibly have more things to do today so will update once I get back to the hotel.

Hugs!!! Vee