Whew…. Day 1 is over and I am BEAT!  Today was great.  The doctors are so thorough and genuine which is just amazing to someone like me.  When doctors really want to help, it allows you to to be the patient and feel confident that they will guide this journey for you.  So, after a long day, we are back at the hotel and resting.  Tomorrow I have a Esophageal Motility Meal+Scan.  Pretty much its them watching me via “xray” eating pudding.  I am gonna try to get the video for you die hards!! LOL.  My sis Jessica asked me if I felt like a “specimen” and I told her, no, I feel like a science fair project that the doctors REALLY want to win.  Its a GREAT FEELING!!!

I miss everyone but I am happy to be here.  The desert atmosphere gives me such a relaxing feeling.  The mountains and vast scenic views bring such a calming feeling for me.  The Mayo Clinic in the desert feels magical.