Tomorrow morning I have to be at the Mayo Clinic Scottsdale campus.  The following are my appts and times:

7:00 – Registration

8:00 – Gastro

9:20 – Internist

Normally you would see your internist sooner but there was some changes in doctors and it got moved up.  On a positive note, I received a call from Mayo notifying me of this change and that my case is “creating excitement and buzz” for the physicians and that they are fighting to take my case.  I LOVE BEING THE HUMAN RUBIX CUBE!!  Bring it on.  Aunt Mary and Uncle Doug are taking us at 6:00 am to get us there so we don’t have to take the shuttles.  LOVE them!! 

Goodnight everyone and thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.  Tomorrow starts the magnificent yet final stages of this journey buy our Lord Jesus Christ.  I cannot wait for my journey to see what is around the corner.   XOXO – Vee