Not 2 minutes after I posted this morning, I received a call from Mayo Scheduling asking if I would like to move up my Wednesday Rhuematology to 8:45 am TODAY (It was 8:15)!!!  I let them know I was staying near the other campus so I would rush to catch the 8:30 shuttle but may be a few minutes late.  She put me on hold (longest 30 secs of my life) and then came back on and said, “get here asap”.  I promptly hung up the phone, changed my clothes, brushed my teeth, washed my face, grabbed my bag and started for the door.  Mom was already ready since she has woken up early so she grabbed her stuff and rushed out with me.

As we got to the lobby, I motioned the to shuttle driver as I yell, “I need to make the 8:30 shuttle” and he says, “well let’s go”!!  Mom and I get in and head to the Mayo Clinic hospital BUT I then remember that I forgot my 24 urine collection I was supposed to bring SOOOOO I tell mom she has to go back and get it and meet me at the Scottsdale Mayo Clinic location.  The hotel shuttle driver blocks the Mayo shuttle and I leap out and jump into the shuttle not even giving my mom a second thought.  (Yes, I left my blind mother alone to figure out a bus route in AZ, LOLOLOL).

THANKFULLY, I made it to the appointment and MOM made it to the Scottsdale campus (not without panic from Jess who was not too pleased that I left our blind mother alone)….

AND, now even better news is that ALL my Rhuematology panels are clear!!  Autoimmune issues are CLEAR!! YEAH!!!  One down!!  Bring it on!