The smile on my face was brought by the HILLARIOUS and awesome family we have here in AZ.  I was JUST starting to get very home sick and the trip with them today was right on time to cure that.  While I miss everyone, my family here was the best.  We went to a mall called “Fashion Square” and saw all the designer stores from Prada, Louis Vutton, Gucci, Cartier, and Tiffany & Co.  It made me smile to see my mom think she was “Vivianne” from Pretty Woman going shop to shop.. “Big mistake.. big mistake, HUGE… I have to go shopping”.. (for my quote fans). 

We then went to a late lunch at Houston’s which is the Houston equivelant of J. Alexanders. I had a baked potatoe mashed up pretty good and watched everyone enjoy burgers.  I made sure they enjoyed every bite and one more for me!!  We laughed and told stories and the best was recalling our childhood visit to AZ and how my cousin and sister hated getting their hair combed.  It was HILLARIOUS!!!!

Learned a few new words today.. “Rag-a-muffin” and (totally probably spelling wrong) “Ha-boob” (dust storm).  Mind you, I called it a boob but none the less, I am still STOKED to see a dust storm.  Needless to say, I had a great day. 

HUGE LOVE and HUGS to Aunt Mary, Uncle Doug, Greg and Kristin for making me feel like I am here with family.  I have had an amazing day! 

xoxo – Ness