Sorry you all didnt get to read a comical “after anesthesia” post but I was barely able to walk much less write my blog once I got back to the hotel but my AMAZING mom was able to post for me so you could at least know I got back okay.  And when I say AMAZING, I am not exaggerating. She had to literally help me brush my teeth from how out of it I was.  She is AWESOME!!!

Yesterday was a MARATHON long day.  I was scheduled to go into to my endoscopy at 2 but because of an emergency, it got pushed back to 4:00.  Once I got in there, there was some issues with my IV so they had to redo the entire thing which was comical to me but once that medication went in, it was burning like acid was going through my veins.  They kept saying to hold on for a few more seconds bc I would knock out shortly.  Those 20 seconds of pain in my hand seemed to of lasted a LIFETIME!!!!  The last time I saw the clock was around 4:30 and the next thing I remember is waking up in a lot of pain and crying for my mom (yes, I am 31 years old and cried from pain and asked for my mom).  The procedure went well but there were a number of biopsies done and they also resected and retrieved polyps frpm my stomach.  I should have all biopsies back tomorrow.  The doctor also found a new treatment for my esophagus disease which will be a steriod ingested cocktail that wont bother or hurt me systemically.  That was great news to hear!!  We came here for alternative treatments to help control my esophagus better and we have it.  I am very excited!! 

Today, I am heading to do a renal study at 8:30 am and then my MRI at 12:00 of my abodmen and liver which they are knocking me out again for as it is going to be longer than normal and I have a little trouble in enclosed spaces.  I didnt sleep at all last night from the pain and discomfort so another medically induced nap sounds good to me. LOL.

See you when I wake up. xoxo – Nessa