Today was my results appointment with my doctor and we were not sure what info we were going to get BUT, thank the Lord, Mayo Clinic has found the issue.  I have Mastocytosis.  Only 200,000 people have this in the US have it which for those of you who know me would MAKE SENSE THAT I WOULD HAVE IT. LOLOL.  It is rare but none the less, it is treatable.  I have never had such relief sitting in a doctors office and then have them say, “This is what you have and YOU ARENT CRAZY” LOLOLO!!  I came out of the office (almost shouting), “YES!!! I have a disease!!!”  I am so happy right now I cannot even describe it. 

Thank you to everyone for their thoughts, prayers and sentiments as I have taken this journey.  I cannot wait to see everyone in Texas but I know that I could not have done this without my family (the Bullocks) here locally.  Having them here made us feel like we were home. 

Most importantly, I need to thank my father.  If it wasnt for his “gentle nudge” to get out here, I wouldnt have this closure in my life.  He has kept me strong and steadfast and now that I have this answer, I will be strong and steadfast in my work. 

I AM COMING HOME!!!!  Look out Texas!!