Hi everyone.  I am not sure if you are all still following this blog but if you are, know that I am still keeping all my close and loved ones informed of what is going on. 

I met with my internist today and the rest of my medical team (feel like I live in Grey’s Anatomy) and we should have a full plan on all things we are chasing on Monday.  All the specialist are getting all the reports from Mayo and getting ready to pick up where they left off.  More tests and such will be done so stay tuned.  It is exciting but of course, I HAVE ZERO patience so I want it all to HURRY up and start but, its all in God’s time. 

Tomorrow I head to MD Anderson for a bone marrow biopsy and aspiration and consult with my Hematologist.  I am a little nervous since I have never had this done and the sound of “bone marrow” makes me queasy. LOL.  Thankfully, my hubby will be there with me so that is good.  I did call my mother in law (a nurse) and asked her to shoot straight with me and tell me if it would hurt and she glady provided details.. LOL. Shouts out to my SUEGRA!!

I will update you all and let you know how I am doing.  I hope to get home as soon as I can and rest all weekend and hopefully return to work.